Articulated arm awnings, open

for summer living.


Open WAREMA articulated arm awnings create a summer atmosphere outdoors – as universal shading products with varied uses. A large inclination angle or a valance roller blind also protect from low evening sun. The large selection of designs satisfies any individual taste. These awnings are also available as LB models – for a lot of sun shading in a small space.

Fields of application and mounting

  • Patio and balcony
  • Wall, ceiling and rafter installation
  • Invisible shaft mounting (only type 700S)
  • Mounting in a protected location


  • Articulated arm: power transmission through segment, chain, cable or flexband
  • Drive: crank, motor, radio motor
  • Accessories: you can find an overview of the entire accessories range here.

Product benefits

  • Universally usable
  • Protection against low sun through inclination angle of up to 90° (possible with type 530)
  • A variety of design options
  • LB model available for large projection with small awning width

All information at a glance

Articulated arm awnings, open 530 – perfect shading product for small areas

Your personal choice of awning determines the atmosphere in which you would like to live. This classic model offers comprehensive protection. The variable accessories packages leave every option open!

Construction limit values

Max. width: 6000 mm
Max. projection: 3000 mm
Max. inclination angle: 90°

Articulated arm awnings, open G60 – perfectly shaped sun shading product with mature technology

The WAREMA G60 articulated arm awning offers perfect shading and adds additional comfort to the patio. The slender product design gives the awning the perfect shape for a sun shading system.

Construction limit values


Max. width of individual unit: 7000 mm
Max. width of coupled units: 13000 mm
Max. projection:

4000 mm

Max. inclination angle: 5°-45° oder 46°-85°

Articulated arm awning, open 700S – for shaft mounting

Every option is available to you where design and colour combinations are concerned. The articulated arm awning 700S allows individual design of the front cover panel and is therefore easily integrated into the facade.

Construction limit values

Max. width: 5960 mm
Max. projection: 3000 mm
Max. inclination angle: 20°

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Articulated arm awnings, open