Patio side screens

Clever triple protection.


WAREMA patio side screens similarly protect from lateral solar radiation, light wind and prying eyes – inviting you to spend time outdoors. The model with sloped fabric harmoniously adapts to the patio awning or patio roof. Practical fabric protection by means of a cassette and the large selection of colours and fabrics are further benefits of this awning.

Product benefits

  • Lateral protection against wind and sun, visual privacy
  • Sloped fabric for harmoniously integrating into patio awnings or patio roofs
  • Cassette offers perfect protection for the retracted fabric


  • Construction limit values:
    max. height: 2500 mm
    max. extension 5000 mm
    max. surface: 10 m²
  • Operation: operating handle
  • Extras:
    colour combinations possible,with additional reinforcement, optionally with viewing panel made of PVC film, crystal clear

Overview of all types

Patio side screen 390 – also offers perfect protection from the side

Construction limit values

Max. height: 2500 mm
Max. projection: 5000 mm
Max. area: 10 m²

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Patio side screens