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In an “intelligent building”, different systems are networked to be able to react automatically to your individual requirements. During your absence, the KNX system ensures optimum energy efficiency: when you leave your home or your office, roller shutters are lowered, heating and other energy consuming devices are switched off – without any effort from you. With WAREMA you can integrate your sun shading system into the building network and experience the future of living and working today!


  • Using the WAREMA climatronic® control panel as KNX central control unit via KNX Gateway
  • Use as a KNX central control unit requires no commissioning tool and allows the user to make changes
  • Future-proof due to use of the international automation standard KNX
  • Compatible across manufacturers of KNX products
  • Suitable for modern living and working environments of any size
  • Many years’ experience ensures ideal interplay between WAREMA sun shading systems and KNX compatible devices
  • Changed user requirements can be easily implemented using the software, no rewiring necessary
  • Control panel makes operation and changing of settings easier without additional software


  • Combination of any number of WAREMA sun shading products and other systems (heating, cooling, light etc.) in the KNX network
  • Individually programmable control scenarios
  • Use of modern, rapid network technology

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KNX technology