LonWorks® technology

Customised solutions for complex requirements.


A wide range of technologies work side by side in the area of building automation. LonWorks® ensures that trades as varied as sun shading systems, heating, cooling and also lighting work together without problems. This opens up many different options: for example, windows and outside doors close if a storm occurs and the sun shading system moves into the shading position – damage and danger are avoided. All products with LonWorks® standard work together regardless of the manufacturer. That means you can benefit from proven WAREMA quality for the automation of your construction project.


  • Future-proof by using the international automation standard LonWorks®
  • Cooperation of all LonWorks® products from any manufacturer
  • Flexible adjustment using software means that rewiring is not required when user requirements change
  • LON motor control units are available for all WAREMA products
  • Storing individual settings in the LONMSEs allows decentralised control and evaluation of signals, independent of a central control unit


  • Can be controlled via EWFS transmitters
  • Combination of any number of WAREMA sun shading products and other systems (heating, cooling, light, etc.) in the LonWorks® network
  • Functions such as annual shading and cut-off position can only be implemented using LON

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LonWorks® technology