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NEW: integrated fall protection

Nowadays, windows that extend down to the floor are an integral part of modern architecture. This makes it all the more important to have effective fall protection for windows.

It consists of a permanently integrated window pane that provides occupants, especially children, with reliable fall protection – without compromising the appearance of the floor-level windows.

The integrated fall protection does not impair the functions of the external venetian blinds or roller shutters. They lower down to the ground in front of the pane without any problems, providing optimum glare control and visual privacy as usual.

Quick patio motor

The super-fast terrace motor has been specially developed for external venetian blinds on balcony and patio doors and is optionally available.

The external venetian blinds are raised 3 times quicker than with a standard motor so that the patio door is released in less than 20 seconds.

The tilt and positioning of the external venetian blind slats take place at the same speed as for standard external venetian blinds. This ensures the elegant look of adjoining external venetian blinds.

Slats with EasyClean coating

Thanks to the special slat coating, dirt particles are corroded and carried away just by rain water: the perfect self-cleaning effect.

The positive effect for the environment: even the air is cleaner - 1000 m² of slats with EasyClean coating neutralise as much smog as 80 trees.

That’s sustainability in action!

External venetian blind slats with Reynolux® EcoClean™ coating
RAL 9006
EcoClean™ 2)
White aluminium, matt 3      
RAL 9007
EcoClean™ 2)
Grey aluminium, matt 3      
RAL 9016
EcoClean™ 2)
Traffic white, matt 3      
DB 703
EcoClean™ 2)
Anthracite iron mica effect, matt 3      

1) Slat surface RAL 9006

2) Top side of slats with EasyClean coating is matt, similar to the specified colour number

slowturn - position slats precisely

slowturn means reduced slat turning speed.

The tilting time is three times as long as for other external venetian blinds. This makes it possible to position the slats extremely precisely.

Together with the use of an overall sun shading control system, slowturn contributes to sustainably increasing the energy efficiency of buildings.

Just test it yourself - and feel the difference!

The animation can be found here.

Daylight Management for external venetian blinds

vivamatic® cannot be seen. But its results can. The intelligent Daylight Management automatically sets the external venetian blind slats to the optimum angle even before lowering – depending on the current position of the sun and the facade side. Hence vivamatic® provides a lasting room ambience to support a feeling of wellbeing. Because the slat position continuously adapts to the position of the sun. External venetian blinds with vivamatic® score points for heat regulation as well as for energy savings.

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Supplementary accessories