Top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings

For new buildings and refurbishments.

Unlike most other external venetian blinds in our range, WAREMA top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings are installed together with the windows, They are concealed unobtrusively within the facade, enabling them to be combined ideally with WAREMA top-mounted roller shutters for new buildings. Optionally available with insect screens.

A patented guide profile for flush mounting is optionally available: a plaster base plate is integrated directly between the window and the guide rail. As a result, the external venetian blinds are almost completely hidden in the raised position.

  • On new buildings
  • Refurbishment
  • On the window frame
  • Can also be used in the reveal of clinker brick facades
  • installed directly with the window frames
  • concealed unobtrusively within the facade
  • Guide profiles can be set in plaster at the front
  • integration of insect screens possible
  • Construction limit values:
    Max. width: 4000 mm
    Max. height: 4000 mm
    Max. area: 16 m²
  • Slats: beaded 80 S mm, flat slat 80 mm, dim-out slat 73/90/93 mm
  • Available with fall protection, vivamatic® (VM), slowturn (ST) and daylight transport element (TLT) and in a wind-stable model
  • Drive: 230 V middle motor, crank

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Top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings