Venetian blind window systems, shaft models

Efficient and simple mounting.


Venetian blind window systems as shaft models S1 and S2 allow the problem-free use of existing on-site shafts. Additional fastening for the top box in the shaft is not necessary - this makes planning and installation very easy and efficient. The new shaft external venetian blinds are particularly suitable for use in construction projects with timber frames as well as for renovation and refurbishment projects.

  • for installation in existing shafts
  • for integration in composite thermal insulation systems and ventilated facades
  • for use in timber frame buildings as well as in renovation and refurbishment projects
  • Easy and efficient mounting since no fixing points are required in the shaft
  • Use of existing on-site shafts
  • Construction limit values:
    FSR S1: Max. width: 4000 mm
    Max. height: 4000 mm
    Max. area: 16 m²
    FSR S2: Max. width: 4000 mm
    (with additional on-site top rail fixing)
    Max. height: 4000 mm
    Max. area: 16 m²
  • Slats: flat slat 60/80 mm, beaded 60S / 80S mm, dim-out slat 73/90/93 mm
  • Available with fall protection, vivamatic® (VM), slowturn (ST), in a wind-stable model
  • Drive: 230 V middle motor, crank

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Shaft variant S1

with auxiliary panel

Shaft variant S2

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Venetian blind window systems shaft variants