External venetian blinds with flat slats

The slender model.


Flat slats are the highly-flexible alternative to the WAREMA 80 S external venetian blind. This external venetian blind is particularly suitable for smaller window surfaces. When raised, flat slats have a low slat stack height. This makes them ideal for retrofitting in existing structures, where available space is usually limited. External venetian blinds with flat slats are available with guide rails or cable guidance. With cable guidance, this external venetian blind has an even more slender appearance, while guide rails serve as a design element on the facade and provide maximum stability.

  • Transom and mullion facade / conservatory
  • In front of the facade
  • In the reveal
  • Ventilated facade
  • Double skin facade – inside
  • Perfect for smaller window surfaces
  • Maximum view out to the outside
  • Small slat stack height
  • Slender and highly-flexible
  • Construction limit values (dependent on type and equipment):
    max. width: 5000 mm
    max. height: 4000 mm
    max. area: 20 m²
  • Slats: flat slat, 60/80/100 mm
  • Available with vivamatic® (VM), slowturn (ST) and daylight transport element (TLT)
  • Drive: 230 V middle motor, solar drive, crank

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