Childproof sun shading

Children's rooms are playrooms, but they are also accident site number one for small children. WAREMA advises parents to see things from their child's perspective and carry out regular “safety checks”. It is not always obvious, but windows are potential hazards, too. With operating types such as crank or motor WAREMA offers the safest child-friendly solution for internal sun shading systems.

EN 13120 - clear specifications for safety

Little ones want to climb, play and romp. Here, operating elements for the sun shading system are a potential source of danger. The legislator has used this as an opportunity to provide increased safety. The revised EN 13120 gives clear guidelines about the protection of little ones.

Just to be safe


WAREMA offers you the option of equipping interior sun shading systems with corresponding apparatus. Shortened operating lengths with fixed tensioning systems or tear-away systems ensure safety in combination with a minimum distance from the floor in accordance with the standard. Some operating variants are safe without taking further steps, for example solutions with crank or motor drive.

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Childproof sun shading