Light control and anti-glare protection

Use light in a controlled way.


WAREMA light guiding products provide perfect solutions for making targeted use of light to create spaces for creativity. They create perfectly illuminated rooms which meet the requirements of the regulations. Light can e.g. be directed into the back of the room via the ceiling. This type of indirect room lighting prevents glare and irritating reflections on your monitor. Any room, whether office or living space, becomes a haven of well-being for creative working and comfortable living.

Product models

Daylight-optimising venetian blind

  • The lower section provides a glare-free workplace
  • The upper slats reflect the sunlight against the ceiling and provide uniform illumination for the room
  • Concave mirror-finish slat provide homogeneous illumination of the entire room

Vertical louvre blind with daylight utilisation

  • The upper curtain section of the slat is transparent and allows light to penetrate
  • The lower slat section is opaque and provides glare control for computer workstations
  • Optimum illumination for rooms without using artificial light sources

Roller blind

  • Special models that can be opened from top to bottom
  • Glare-free working at computer workstations while at the same time utilising daylight
  • Two different cassette sizes available: 40 x 40 mm and 60 x 60 mm
  • Operation with ball chain
  • Glass profile roller blinds are also suitable for this purpose

Pleated blind

  • Option for opening the units from top to bottom or to freely slide the entire curtain
  • Optimum daylight usage and glare-free illumination of the computer workstation
  • Functionality and appearance are fully retained

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Light control and anti-glare protection