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Front-mounted roller shutters with security package

Police reports show that in nearly 80% of all burglaries in single-family homes, perpetrators enter the homes through windows or patio doors.

Many of these burglaries are thwarted by mechanical security systems, which burglars cannot overcome without significant amounts of time and noise.

This additional protection and an increased burglar resistance as per DIN 18073 allows the security package from WAREMA for front-mounted roller shutters to be offered.

The WAREMA security package offers a reinforced push-up guard, secured guide rails with aluminium bolts preventing removal from the outside, as well as wider and reinforced guide rails.

Screw connection between adapter and guide rail to make it impossible to pry out the box.

The riveted inspection cover increases protection against dismantling.


Front-mounted roller shutters with projecting arm

Projectable guide rails provide additional ventilation.

The guide rails can be projected manually when the roller shutter curtain is lowered. The projection distance is 250 mm. The projecting arm can also be used in combination with an insect screen roller blind.

The projecting arm can be ordered as special equipment for front-mounted roller shutters and can be used together with aluminium and plastic shutter profiles.


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Supplementary accessories