Sun sails

for the sunny sides of life.

Sun shading for the garden party? Shading solution for the sand box? This elegant sun shading system provides you with a highly flexible, versatile solution. The WAREMA sun sail S1 is free-standing and fixed in place with stakes. They can be used nearly anywhere on continuous ground levels. Quick and easy to install, they allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature exactly where you want to.

  • Self-supporting
  • Can be used everywhere where room on free surfaces is to be created - no matter if at an event, in the garden or across the sandbox.
  • Can be used variably and flexibly
  • Quick and simple assembly and disassembly
  • Individual colouring possible
  • Long pleasure due to high-grade materials
  • Side length: 4100 mm or 5700 mm
  • Diagonal: approx. 5800 mm or approx. 8000 mm
  • Max. erection width: 14000 mm or 16500 mm
  • Support height: 3000 mm
  • Frame colours: in accordance with the WAREMA Colour World

All type at a glance

Sun sail type S1

Sun sail type S1

WAREMA rigid sun sails are free-standing and fixed in place with stakes. Thus they can be used flexibly - for instance at events, in gardens or across sandboxes - everywhere where continuous ground levels are existing.

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